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A Plant-Based

Sailing Experience
Life is about choices, and we chose the way we live.

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In The Beginning, There Was Water, & Then…

Faces & Places!! Dreams & Transformations Rio & Wellness On the Sea, we are a one-of-a-kind Plant-Base Wellness Sailing Experience… “Wellness On The Sea”

We wanted to create a loving and nurturing environment, where people can transform their lives, at the same time enjoying themselves having lots and lots of fun. It was at that moment, we decided to take our concept of wellness experience to the ocean. Like magic, we came up with a slogan… There is nothing better than coming together with a large pod of wild dolphins after spending the night sailing across the Florida Straits. The most beautiful part is actually diving in and being part of this family. Spending time in the water with these wild animals is like no other experience you will ever have. They’re loving inquisitive creatures seeking love from us.

Wellness sail Trip

We sail offshore from Fort Lauderdale to the beautiful Bahama Islands onboard Rio for one day, a weekend, or a 10+ day charter! New to sailing? Wellness on The Sea offers sailing and navigation skill training island to island. Onboard Rio, we will cruise the open ocean, snorkeling, and swimming with the wild dolphins. The water is warm, and it’s ours to explore!
September 23, 2020

Sailing into the sunrise is one of the most beautiful things we can experi

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
September 25, 2020

Behold the Fort Lauderdale breathtaking a sunset while relishing a lovely

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
September 25, 2020

Can’t decide on a Sunrise or Sunset? That’s okay! We have a FULL DAY

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
September 25, 2020

Our days will be filled with organic meals, yoga and meditation

Bimini island, bahamas


We’ll provide you with the best personal guide and host experience through your entire journey.


    Wave championship has a 5 star Tripadvisor traveller rating and is also rated #1 for Speciality lodging in Baleal Beach, Peniche Portugal.

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